On the following sites there are some photographs and I guess, they are good enough to be shown. I took all of these pictures myself and therefore my authorization is required if you want to use them.


Nikon D90

Nikon D90

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50

Panasonic Lumix FZ50

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5

Panasonic Lumix TZ5

Praktica MTL5



- Nikon 3,5-5,6/16-85mm AF-S DX ED VR; Nikon-Bajonett; filter 67mm
- Nikon 4,5-5,6/70-300mm G ED VR; Nikon-Bajonett; filter 67mm
- Flektogon 2,4/35mm MC Auto Carl Zeiss Jena; M42; filter 49mm
- Pentacon 1,8/50mm MC Auto; M42; filter 49mm
- Beroflex 3,9/80-200mm Zoom MC Auto; M42; filter 55mm
- Maginon 8/500mm BV Tele; T2; filter 67mm



- Cullmann 38TG
- Metz 20 BC 6
- Metz 44 MZ-2 digital


- Vanguard PT-980
- Hama Star 700


- Raynox MSN-202
- Raynox DSC-250
- Raynox HD-6600 PRO 55
- polarization linear; HAMA; 55mm
- polarization linear; VEB Jeaner Glaswerk; 49mm
- infrared; Panchromar; 55mm
- infrared RM90; HOYA; 55mm
- infrared R72; HOYA; 55mm
- grey 110 (1.000 fach); B&W; 55mm
- grey 113 (10.000 fach); B&W; 52mm
- Skylight 1A; Soligor; 55mm
- Skylight 1A HMC; HOYA; 67mm
- grid 6x; HAMA; 49mm
- grid 6x; 55mm
- close lense +3; HOYA; 55mm
- blue KR20; B&W; 55mm
- blue BV 1,5; VEB Jeaner Glaswerk; 49mm


- cable release (Praktica)
- cable release (FZ50)
- Autoknips II
- spacer rings 11/20/30mm
- 49/55mm filter adapter
- 52/55mm filter adapter
- T2/M42 Adapter
- 2x Telekonverter VEB Optisches Werk Weixdorf
- 5m flashlight cable lengthening



- Canon Powershot S1 IS (broken)
- Praktica MTL 5 (given away)
- Canon Powershot A60 (stolen)
- Aiptek MegaCam (sold)
- Yashica Zoomate 105 (broken)
- Revue 130C (given away)
- Beirette SL100 (broken)