Under "This & That" such themes will appaer, which cannot be put in one of my other categories but which are to pity to keep back.

One of this points could for instance be, what stands behind the mysterious word "Mummelfatz". Well, this stay remains a secret ;o]
Only so much shall betrayed: originally just three individuals knew it and "Mummelfatz" was a new neologism from us. So if you read it at another place as here, you are took in by a shameless copyist, who stole this word in a dishonourable manner. Fie!

Who has an idea what is missing here, can inform me and announce his notion. Maybe a funny Blog, like all others have one at the moment or a listing of my stamp collection (currently only 0,55 € from the stamp-machine) or my tale of woe, how I took of my fingernail during driving a scooter (now known as kickboard) in my teens?